Clearance Recommendation Data

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New 6.0.png Land disputes, Land Related Disputes, Type of Minefield and External Visual Ordnance Condition are new in 6.0.


DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Land Disputes Multi-select - Land Disputes LandDisputes
Clearance Difficulty Single-select clearancedifficulty_guid Difficulty ClearanceDifficulty
Development Project Planned In Area Single-select devprojectplannedinarea_guid Yes No Answer DevProjectPlannedInArea
Estimated Clearance Completion String estimatedcompletionofclearance Estimatedcompletionofclearance
External Visual Ordnance Condition Single-select external_visual_ordnance_condition External Visual Ordnance Condition ExternalVisualOrdnanceCondition
Intended Land Use Single-select intendedlandused_guid IntendedLandUse IntendedLandUse
Intended Land Use Date Date intendedlandusedate Intendedlandusedate
Land Related Disputes Single-select land_related_disputes Yes No Answer LandRelatedDisputes
Ordnance Situation Single-select ordnance_situation Ordnance Situation OrdnanceSituation
Reason for Depth String reasonforclearancedepth Reasonforclearancedepth
Recommended Clearance Depth Numeric recomclearancedepth Recomclearancedepth
Recommended Number of Demining Teams Integer recomnumberofdeminingteams Recomnumberofdeminingteams
Type of Minefield Single-select type_of_minefield Type Of Minefield TypeOfMinefield