Change the Scoring Ranges in the Impact Scoring Template

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Scoring ranges allow you to categorise the results of the impact scoring analysis into named groupings. All the scenarios in the template will use the scoring ranges to group locations together based on their impact score. You can change the default scoring ranges or define new scoring ranges for the current template. Each scoring range has an associated label, maximum score value, and map display colour.

For example, the default scoring ranges are as follows:

Default Scoring Ranges
Scoring range Maximum value
Low 5
Medium 10
High None

In the example scheme above, locations with a score of 5 or below (including 0 or negative scores) would be labelled as the “Low” impact group. Locations with a score of 6 to 10 would fall into the “Medium” impact group, and those locations with a score above 10 would fall into the “High” impact group.

To change a scoring range for an impact scoring template:

  1. From the Impact Scoring Template window, select the Settings tab.
  2. In the Scoring Ranges section of the window, click the AddRow.png button until you have a sufficient number of rows for each of your scoring ranges.
Note.jpg To delete a row, click the RemoveRow.png button.
  1. Enter the name of the scoring range in the field on the left.
  2. Enter the maximum value for the scoring range in the field to the right.
Note.jpg A few important notes when defining new scoring ranges:
  • The maximum values are inclusive. Any score up to and including the value is included in the scoring range.
  • It is not necessary to specify a maximum value for the highest grouping. Any locations with scores higher than the previous maximum value will be put into the highest grouping.
  • It is not necessary to specify a minimum score for the lowest grouping. Any score below the maximum value of the lowest grouping will be put into the lowest grouping.
Scoring Ranges

Scoring Ranges

  1. Click the colour icon to change the colour that is used to highlight items in the scoring range on the map.