Change Permission Access Level

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Some permissions allow you to specify whether the User should only be able to view the information, or view and change the information from the editor windows.

Permissions with Read-only / Read and Write option
Assistance Classification
Cause Classification
Country Structure
Hierarchy Manager
Impact Scoring
Needs Classification
Ordnance Classification
Changing Permission Access Levels in the Role Editor Window

Changing Permission Access Levels in the Role Editor Window

To change the access level of a permission assigned to a Role:

  1. From the Assigned to Role table, click the permission name.
  2. The permission access levels available for the permission are listed below the Assigned to Role table.

  3. Select the permission access level that you would like to assign to the role.
  4. The displayed symbol will switch between read only (ChgAccLvlView.png) and read and write (ChgAccLvlWrite.png).

Note.jpg You can also double-click the symbol displayed in the Level column of the Assigned to Role table to change the access level.