Change IMSMA Theme Display Properties

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You can control labels displayed with item symbols. To change the display properties associated with an item symbol:

  1. Click the Map Display button, or open the Map menu and select Map Display. The Map Display window displays.
  2. Select the IMSMA Themes tab.
  3. Select the theme name for which you would like to change the display properties.
  4. Click the Theme Properties button. The Theme Properties window displays.
    Theme Properties Window

    Theme Properties Window

  5. If you would like to display labels beside the item symbols on the map, select the On option from the Labelling field. The Display and Format fields are enabled.
  6. From the Display drop-down list, select the value that you would like to display beside the item symbol on the map.
  7. To change the text colour of the label:
    1. Click the FourColorSqIcon.png button. The Colour Selection window displays.
    2. Select the colour for the text.
    3. Click the OK button.
  8. Click the Save button.