Change Element Display Properties

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Fields are added to the form template design pane with default properties such as width and height. You can modify these properties to customise the look of your data entry form template.

  1. To open the Component Property Editor either
    • Double-click the field that you would like to change.
    • Select the field and click the Properties button.
    The fields in the Component Property Editor window differ depending on the widget type selected.
    Element Property Editor Read More
    Label / Text Tool Label property editor.png
    Country Structure CS property editor.png
    Date Date property editor.png
    Icon/Image Tool Icon tool property editor.png Add an Image to the Data Entry Form Template
    ID widget ID property editor.png Apply a Local ID Generator
    Line Tool Line tool property editor.png Add a Line to the Data Entry Form Template
    Multiple Select MS property editor.png Add values to enumeration list
    Number / Text Field Text property editor.png
    Organisation Org property editor.png
    Place Place property editor.png
    Single Select SS property editor.png Add values to enumeration list

    Change Single Selection Option List
    Change Display Option for Single Select

    Text Area Textarea property editor.png
    New 6.0.png In version 6.0 the display choice between Text Field and Text Area for Text field CDFs has been introduced.
    Word wrap.png

    If the scroll bar is still visible after you have changed the CDF to Text Field OR
    you have removed the Word wrap for a system field then drag in the field again.
    Minimum field height for text size 12 is 21.

    Table Table property editor.png Change table properties