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New 6.0.png The Assistance item was added in 6.0.
Note.jpg The Assistance parent table is called victim_assistance and the maXML element level3 is called VictimAssistance.

The Assistance child table for Given assistance is called victim_assistance_assistance and the entity type is called VICTIM_ASSISTANCE_ASSISTANCE.
The Assistance classification table is called assistance and the maXML element level3 is called ASSISTANCE.

Va xml.png

maXML element level4 maXML element level5 maXML element level6 maXML Type DIM Label IMSMA Enum Category
Association AssociationIdentification GUID String
Association AssociationIdentification OriginalID String
Association TargetInformation Name String
Comments String Comment
Cost Decimal Cost
Currency String Currency Unit Of Currency
DataEnterer String
DataEntryDate Date
Geospatialinfo Geo GeospatialInfo
Name String Assistance Name
NeedssAssessmentDoneBy OrganisationName String
NeedssAssessmentDoneBy OrganisationID OriginalID String
NeedssAssessmentDoneBy OrganisationID GUID String Needs Assessment Done By
NumberOfDirectBeneficiaries String Number Of Direct Beneficiaries
NumberOfIndirectBeneficiaries String Number Of Indirect Beneficiaries
Priority String Priority Priority
Status String Status VictimAssistanceStatus
StatusChangeComment String Status Change Comment
StatusChangeDate Date Status Changed Date
StatusChangeReason String Status Change Reason Victim Assistance Status Changed Reason
VictimAssistanceAssistance VictimAssistanceAssistanceIdentification VictimAssistanceAssistanceGUID String Assistance
VictimAssistanceAssistance Assistance Guid String Assistance Classification
VictimAssistanceAssistance EndDate Date End Date
VictimAssistanceAssistance DataEnterer String
VictimAssistanceAssistance Assistance Id String
VictimAssistanceAssistance Quantity Integer Quantity
VictimAssistanceAssistance StartDate Date Start Date
VictimAssistanceAssistance Status String Status VictimAssistanceStatus
VictimAssistanceDecidedBy OrganisationID GUID String Assistance Decided By
VictimAssistanceDecidedBy OrganisationName String
VictimAssistanceDecidedBy OrganisationID OriginalID String
VictimAssistanceGivenAt PlaceID GUID String Assistance Given At
VictimAssistanceGivenAt PlaceName String
VictimAssistanceGivenAt PlaceID OriginalID String
VictimAssistanceGivenBy OrganisationID GUID String Assistance Given By
VictimAssistanceGivenBy OrganisationName String
VictimAssistanceGivenBy OrganisationID OriginalID String
VictimAssistanceIdenification OriginalID String Assistance ID
VictimAssistanceIdenification GUID String
VictimAssistancePaidBy OrganisationID GUID String Assistance Paid By
VictimAssistancePaidBy OrganisationName String
VictimAssistancePaidBy OrganisationID OriginalID String