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New 6.0.png Safety and Security and Type of Non-Agricultural Areas are new in 6.0.


DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Type of Blocked Agriculture Multi-select - AgriculturalField Agricultures
Type of Infrastructure Blocked Multi-select - InfrastructureBlock Infrastructures
Type of Non-Agricultural Areas Blocked Multi-select - NonAgriculturalArea NonAgricultures
Type of Roads Blocked Multi-select - RoadBlockedTo Roads
Safety and Security Threat Multi-select - Safety And Security Threat SafetyAndSecurityThreats
Type of Water Blocked Multi-select - WaterAccessBlock Water
Agricultural Fields Blocked Single-select blockagriculturalenum_guid Yes No Answer BlockAgricultural
Infrastructure Blocked Single-select blockinfrastructureenum_guid Yes No Answer BlockInfrastructure
Blocked Roads Single-select blockroadsenum_guid Yes No Answer BlockRoads
Blocked Water Access Single-select blockwaterenum_guid Yes No Answer BlockWater
Non-Agriculture Blockage Single-select non_agriculture_blockage Yes No Answer NonAgricultureBlockage
Number of Affected Communities Integer numberaffectedcommunities NumberAffectedCommunities
Safety and Security Blockage Single-select safety_and_security_blockage Yes No Answer SafetyAndSecurityBlockage