Add a New Task

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  1. Select Data Entry > Tasks.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. UtT05.png

General Task Information


Linking Objective(s)

Note.jpg If the Land does not have a Status then it is not possible to add it to a Task as Objective.
  1. Select the Objective tab in the Task Editor window.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Select one or several Land. Note that the Land must have Status set in order to be possible to select.
  4. Click Assign.
  5. UtT08.png
New 6.0.png It is now possible to select more than one Land when associating Objectives.

Creating Work Items

Note.jpg Work Items are the planned Activity, Assistance, Education or QM foreseen by the operational staff at the National Mine Action Authority.
  1. Select the Planning & Monitoring tab in the Task Editor window.
  2. UtT09.png
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. UtT10.png
  5. Enter general information about the Work item.
  6. UtT12.png

Associating the plan (Work Items) to the outcome

If the Task manager would like to compare the plan (Work Item) with the outcome it is possible to link the Work Item with one approved Activity, Assistance, Education activity or QM.

New 6.0.png The Assistance item may be associate as Work Item.

Related Information

Note.jpg On the Related information tab it is possible to link other Items or Auxiliary data that are either helpful for the Task planning or for the planning and/or execution of the Work item for the executing Organisation.
  1. Select the Related Information tab in the Task Editor window.
  2. Select which type of item, Task or Auxiliary data that you would like to associate
  3. Assign which item, Task or Auxiliary data to associate as extra information to the Task.

Adding Geospatial Data

The geospatial data tab allows you to add, edit, delete, or import geospatial shapes (points, polygons, and polylines) associated with the Task. For more information, refer to Enter Geospatial Data.

New 6.0.png The geospatial data tab is always visible in V6.0