Add Item Attributes to the Design Pane

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After you have specified the page setup for the data entry form template, you can begin adding item attributes/fields. To add attributes to the data entry form in the Data Entry Form Template Designer window:

  1. Expand the item folder that contains the attribute by double-clicking the folder name in the Elements pane.
  2. Expand the data category that contains the item attribute.
  3. Click the name of the attribute you would like to add to the data entry form.
  4. While holding down the left mouse button, drag the attribute to the form design pane.
  5. When the item attribute is in the desired position, release the mouse button.
Note.jpg If you drag an item attribute to the design pane which has previously been added, the following message displays:
At least one of the fields you dragged on to the template already exists in the template. You cannot add the same field more than once to the template.

Click the OK button.

    The element and its label are placed in the form design pane.
Note.jpg You can also add all item attributes in a category to the data entry form by dragging it to the design pane.
  1. Repeat the above steps to add additional item attributes to the data entry form.
Warning.jpg When item attributes are dragged to the design pane, they will use widgets for that data type. All parts of the widget should be present in the template in order to ensure that the widget will work for data entry. Although you can change properties and e.g. the label text. In the geographical widget you may delete the polyline/polygon table.

Depending on which data type the item attribute is and on the settings in the Data Inventory Manager the control / widget is different.

Type in DIM Setting in DIM Example Widget Control / widget
System No Land ID Local ID Generator Local ID Gen.png
Country Structure No Victim Living In Country Structure Cs.png
Date No Status changed date Date Date.png
Geographical information No All items Geo data Geo.png

The difference between the columns X / Lon & Y / Lat and X / Longitude & Y / Latitude is described here.

Multiple Select No Vulnerable group Multiple Select Multiselect.png
Number No Size of Living Space Text Field Number.png
Organisation No Organisation Organisation Org.png
Place No Status changed date Place Place.png
Single Select Yes Land Status Radio button Rb std.png
Single Select Yes Status changed reason Combo box Combobox.png
String / Text Only for CDFs Land Name Text Field Textbox.png
String / Text Only for CDFs Major Impacts Text Area Textarea.png
Subobject No Ordnance Table Table.png
Time No Time to hospital Time Time widget.png
New 6.0.png It is possible to specify in the Data Inventory Manager if the text CDFs should be a Text Field or a Text Area in the template. It is not possible to switch between the two widgets in the Data Entry Form Template Designer.

As you add and delete item attributes to the form design pane, the Logical Tree pane is updated.

There are other types of elements than item attribute that may be added to the template. These are found in the Tool folder:

  • Icon e.g. logotypes
  • Line e.g. as header and footer divider
  • Text e.g. template version number