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Note.jpg Date of Information and Form ID are vital for the function of IMSMANG and should always be filled in. The easiest way to ensure that is to included them as required fields in all Date Entry Form templates.

There are several fields that should be used across all Data Entry Form templates. These fields are of two different types:

  1. metadata about the Data Entry Form
  2. Mine Action information collected.

Data Entry Form Metadata

Minimum recommended

  • Date of Information – This field is used for how old is the information which is not the same as Data Entry Date. Date of Information is used in the Approve workflow by IMSMANG when calculation the Summary for an item i.e. to determine whether data in the Data Entry Form should overwrite the existing data for the item. Data in the Data Entry Form will overwrite data in data entry forms that have an older Date of Information.
  • Form ID – This is the identifier of the Data Entry Form. As Form ID you may use the one calculated by IMSMANG or use a unique ID from the reporting organisation.


  • Reported by – This field can be used to capture information about the person collecting the information.
  • Reported by position – This field can be used to indicate the position of the person collecting the information.
Note.jpg These fields can be found in the top node Uncategorised in the Data Entry Form Template Designer window's Source Tree pane.

Item data

Minimum recommended data elements on all templates

  • Item ID,
  • Status of item (e.g. Open, Completed, Deceased/Alive), Status changed date and Status changed reason,
  • Item Type (e.g. SHA, Completion Report, Demining Accident),