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New 6.0.png Ammunition storage, Cancelled Area, Cleared Area, Community involved in handover, Criteria for Cancellation, Criteria for Reduction, Deployed Asset, External Visual Ordnance Condition, Handover carried out, Number of boys involved from community in handover, Number of girl involved from community in handover, Number of men involved from community in handover, Number of women involved from community in handover, Reduced Area with technical asset, Reduced Area without technical asset, Status Changed Comment, Status Changed Date, Status Changed Reason, Technical Survey Type and Type of Minefield are new in 6.0.
Note.jpg The main table is called hazreduc, the entity type is called Hazard Reduction, the target is called Hazreducversion and the main maXML artifact is HazardReductionActivity.


DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Criteria for Cancellation Multi-select - Criteria For Cancellation CriterionForCancellation
Criteria for Reduction Multi-select - Criteria For Reduction CriterionForReduction
Reduction Method Multi-select - Clearance Operation HazreducMethods
Marking Method Multi-select - Marking Method Markings
Recommendations Multi-select - RecommendationType Recommendations
Ammunition Storage Place ammunition_storage AmmunitionStorage
Anti-lift Fitted Single-select antilift_guid Yes No Answer AntiLiftFitted
Area Description Text areadescription AreaDescription
Area Officer String areaofficer AreaOfficer
Size of Area (old) Numeric areasize AreaSize
Area Supervisor String areasupervisor AreaSupervisor
Assumption Prior To Visit Single-select assumptionpriortovisit_guid Assumption AssumptionPriorToVisit
Best Route to Site Text bestroutetosite BestRouteToSite
Booby Trapped Single-select boobytrap_guid Yes No Answer BoobyTrapped
Inactive - calculatedareasize CalculatedAreaSize
Cancelled Area Numeric cancelled_area CancelledArea
Cleared Area Numeric cleared_area ClearedArea
Comment Text comments Comments
Community Involved in Handover Single-select community_involved_in_handover Yes No Answer CommunityInvolvedInHandover
Community Leader String communityleader CommunityLeader
Inactive - communityleaderposition CommunityLeadershipPosition
Cost per Meter Numeric costsquaremeter CostSquareMeter
Dangerous Area Type Single-select dangerousarea_guid DangerAreaType DangerousArea
Deployed Asset Single-select deployed_asset Deployed Asset DeployedAsset
Depth Numeric depth Depth
Destruction Method Text destructionmethod DestructionMethod
Distance from Nearest Town Numeric distancefromnearesttown DistanceFromNearestTown
End Date Date enddate EndDate
End Period String endperiod EndPeriod
Estimated Workday String estimatedworkday EstimatedWorkday
External Visual Ordnance Condition Single-select external_visual_ordnance_condition External Visual Ordnance Condition ExternalVisualOrdnanceCondition
Fighting in Area Single-select fightinginarea_guid Yes No Answer FightingInArea
Handover Carried Out Single-select handover_carried_out Yes No Answer HandoverCarriedOut
Activity ID String hazreduc_localid LocalId
Activity Name String hazreducname Name
Type of Activity Single-select hazreductypeenum_guid Mine Action Activity Type
Hours Spent Numeric hoursspent HoursSpent
Intended Land Use Text intendedlanduse IntendedLandUse
Interviewer String interviewer Interviewer
Length Numeric length Length
Inactive - macid MacId
Marking Single-select marking_guid Yes No Answer Marking
Inactive - mechanicaldemining_guid Yes No Answer MechanicalDemining
Inactive - minefieldref_guid MineFieldId
Mines/UXO Condition Single-select mineuxocondition_guid MineCondition MinesUxoConditionId
Monitor Single-select monitor_guid Yes No Answer Monitor
Municipality String municipality Municipality
Number of Boys Involved from Community in Handover Integer number_of_boys_involved_from_ community_in_handover NumberOfBoysInvolvedFromCommunity InHandover
Number of Girls Involved from Community in Handover Integer number_of_girls_involved_from_ community_in_handover NumberOfGirlsInvolvedFromCommunity InHandover
Number of Men Involved from Community in Handover Integer number_of_men_involved_from_ community_in_handover NumberOfMenInvolvedFromCommunity InHandover
Number of Women Involved from Community in Handover Integer number_of_women_involved_from_ community_in_handover NumberOfWomenInvolvedFromCommunity InHandover
Number of Teams Integer numberofteams NumberOfTeams
Number of Vehicles Integer numberofvehicles_herd NumberOfVehicles
Operational Notes Text operationalnotes OperationalNotes
Organisation Organisation org_guid Organisation
Planned End Date Date plannedenddate PlannedEndDate
Planned Start Date Date plannedstartdate PlannedStartDate
QM Comments Text qacomments QaComments
Quality Assurance Single-select qualityassurance_guid Yes No Answer QualityAssurance
Reduced Area With Technical Asset Numeric reduced_area_with_technical_asset ReducedAreaWithTechnicalAsset
Reduced Area Without Technical Asset Numeric reduced_area_without_technical_asset ReducedAreaWithoutTechnicalAsset
Road Usable For Single-select roadusablefor_guid RoadUsableFor RoadUsableFor
SOP Combination Text sopcombination SopCombination
SOP Animal Text sopdog SopDog
SOP Manual Text sopmanual SopManual
SOP Mechanical Text sopmechanical SopMechanical
SOP Metal Detector Text sopmetaldector SopMetalDetector
Start Date Date startdate StartDate
Start Period String startperiod StartPeriod
Status Changed Comment Text status_changed_comment StatusChangedComment
Status Changed Date Date status_changed_date StatusChangedDate
Status Changed Reason Single-select status_changed_reason Hazard Reduction Status Changed Reason StatusChangedReason
Status Single-select status_guid HazReducStatus Status
Inactive - surveyref_guid SurveyId
Task Dossier String taskdossier Taskdossier
Tasked By String taskedby TaskedBy
Inactive - taskref_guid TaskId
Team ID String teamid TeamId
Team Leader String teamleader TeamLeader
Team Location String teamlocation TeamLocation
Technical Survey Type Single-select technical_survey_type Technical Survey Type TechnicalSurveyType
Type of Minefield Single-select type_of_minefield Type Of Minefield TypeOfMinefield
Uncleared Area Size Numeric unclearedareasize UnclearedAreaSize
Inactive - vegetationremovedby_guid VegetationRemovalMethod VegetationRemovedBy
Verification Notes String verificationnotes VerificationNotes
Visitor Text visitor Visitor