Activity Terrain and Operational Information

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New 6.0.png The two subobjects Detection and Vegetation removal have been deleted and replaced by fields. Some fields have changed names in this category in 6.0.


DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Contamination Type Multi-select - ContaminationType Contaminations
Detection Method Multi-select - MineDetectionMethod DetectionMethods
Drainage Features Multi-select - DrainageFeature Drainages
Ground Profile Multi-select - GroundProfile GroundProfiles
Vegetation Removal Method Multi-select - VegetationRemovalMethod RemovalMethods
Ground Composition Multi-select SoilType Soils
Detection Area Size Numeric detection_area_size DetectionAreaSize
Detection Date Date detection_date DetectionDate
Metal Debris Level Single-select metalcontaminationlevel_guid Metal Debris Level MetalContaminationLevel
Magnetic/Ferrous Soil Level Single-select soilmetalcontentlevel_guid Level SoilMetalContentLevel
Soil Compaction Single-select terraincategory_guid TerrainCategory TerrainCategory
Vegetation Removal Area Description Text vegetationremoval_area_description VegetationRemovalAreaDesc
Vegetation Removal Area Size Numeric vegetationremoval_area_size VegetationRemovalAreaSize
Vegetation Removal Date Date vegetationremoval_date VegetationRemovalDate