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New 6.0.png 27 fields have been added to Activity in 6.0.

Data type of Time to medical facility is changed to time.
The two subobjects Detection and Vegetation removal have been deleted and replaced by data fields in table hazreduc.

Note.jpg The main table is called hazreduc and the maXML element level3 is called HazardReductionActivity.

Hr xml.png

maXML element level4 maXML element level5 maXML element level6 maXML element level7 maXML Type DIM Label IMSMA Enum Category
ActivityDuration ActualDuration EndDate DateTime End Date
ActivityDuration PlannedDuration EndDate DateTime Planned End Date
ActivityDuration PlannedDuration StartDate DateTime Planned Start Date
ActivityDuration ActualDuration StartDate DateTime Start Date
ActivityIdentification OriginalID String Activity ID
ActivityIdentification GUID String
ActivityName String Activity Name
ActivityStatus String Status HazReducStatus
AmmunitionStorage PlaceName String Ammunition Storage
AmmunitionStorage PlaceID GUID String
AmmunitionStorage PlaceID OriginalID String
Association AssociationIdentification GUID String
Association AssociationIdentification OriginalID String
Association TargetInformation Name String
Comments String Comment
CommunityInvolvedInHandover String Community Involved in Handover Yes No Answer
CriteriaForCancellation String Criteria For Cancellation Criteria For Cancellation
CriteriaForReduction String Criteria For Reduction Criteria For Reduction
DeployedAsset String Deployed Asset Deployed Asset
DetectionAreaSize MeasuredValue Double Detection Area Size
DetectionAreaSize UnitOfMeasure String
DetectionDate Date Detection Date
DetectionMethod String Detection Method MineDetectionMethod
Device MarkedOrDestroyed String Action On Item MarkedOrDestroyed
Device DeviceClass DeviceCategory String Category
Device Comments String Comments
Device DeviceClass Model String Model
Device DeviceGUID String Ordnance Classification
Device Quantity Integer Quantity
Device Resource String Resource
Device DeviceClass DeviceSubCategory String SubCategory
EndPeriod String End Period
EstimatedWorkDay String Estimated Work Day
ExternalVisualOrdnanceCondition String External Visual Ordnance Condition External Visual Ordnance Condition
FightingInArea String Fighting in Area Yes No Answer
Geospatialinfo Geo GeospatialInfo
HandoverCarriedOut String Handover Carried Out Yes No Answer
HazardDestructionMethod String Destruction Method
HazardReductionAreaInfo Assumption String Assumption Prior to Visit Assumption
HazardReductionAreaInfo PhysicalEnvironment Terrain SoilContamination String Contamination Type ContaminationType
HazardReductionAreaInfo PhysicalEnvironment Terrain Drainage String Drainage Features DrainageFeature
HazardReductionAreaInfo PhysicalEnvironment Terrain GroundProfile String Ground Profile GroundProfile
HazardReductionAreaInfo PhysicalEnvironment Terrain SoilMetalContentLevel String Magnetic/Ferrous Soil Content Level
HazardReductionAreaInfo PhysicalEnvironment Terrain MetalContaminationLevel String Metal Debris Level Metal Debris Level
HazardReductionAreaInfo MineUXOCondition String Mines/UXO Condition MineCondition
HazardReductionAreaInfo AreaDescription String Area Description
HazardReductionAreaInfo AreaOfficer String Area Officer
HazardReductionAreaInfo AreaSupervisor String Area Supervisor
HazardReductionAreaInfo BestRouteToSite String Best Route to Site
HazardReductionAreaInfo CancelledArea MeasuredValue Double Cancelled Area
HazardReductionAreaInfo ClearedArea MeasuredValue Double Cleared Area
HazardReductionAreaInfo CommunityLeader String Community Leader
HazardReductionAreaInfo DistanceFromNearestTown MeasuredValue Double Distance from Nearest Town
HazardReductionAreaInfo MedicalFacilityInfo MedicalFacilityName String Medical Facility Level x
HazardReductionAreaInfo DistanceFromNearestTown UnitOfMeasure String
HazardReductionAreaInfo MedicalFacilityInfo MedicalFacilityCategory String
HazardReductionAreaInfo CancelledArea UnitOfMeasure String
HazardReductionAreaInfo ReducedAreaWithoutTechnicalAsset UnitOfMeasure String
HazardReductionAreaInfo ReducedAreaWithTechnicalAsset UnitOfMeasure String
HazardReductionAreaInfo ClearedArea UnitOfMeasure String
HazardReductionAreaInfo ReducedAreaWithTechnicalAsset MeasuredValue Double Reduced Area With Technical Asset
HazardReductionAreaInfo ReducedAreaWithoutTechnicalAsset MeasuredValue Double Reduced Area Without Technical Asset
HazardReductionAreaInfo MedicalFacilityInfo TravelTimeToFacility DateTime Time To Travel to level x
HazardReductionAreaInfo RoadUsableFor String Road Usable For RoadUsableFor
HazardReductionAreaInfo PhysicalEnvironment Terrain SoilCategory String Ground Composition SoilType
HazardReductionAreaInfo PhysicalEnvironment Terrain TerrainCategory String Soil Compaction TerrainCategory
HazardReductionAreaInfo AntiLift String Anti-Lift Fitted Yes No Answer
HazardReductionAreaInfo BoobyTrap String Booby Trapped Yes No Answer
HazardReductionMethod String Reduction Method Clearance Operation
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo EconomicBase String Economic Base EconomicBase
ImpactAnalysis ExpertResponible String Expert Type ExpertType
ImpactAnalysis CasualtyType String Casualty Type Killed Or Injured
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo MedicalFacility String Medical Facility Type MedicalFacilityType
ImpactAnalysis MilitaryActivityIntensity String Military Activity Intensity MilitaryActivity
ImpactAnalysis MREPerformedInfo WhenPerformed String Depends on field filled MREPeriod
ImpactAnalysis AccidentCause String Accident Cause
ImpactAnalysis DataEnumerator1 String Enumerator1
ImpactAnalysis DataEnumerator2 String Enumerator2
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo HigherEducationComments String Higher Education Comments
ImpactAnalysis YearLastConflict String Last Conflict Year
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo LocalClearanceEffects String Local Clearance Effects
ImpactAnalysis MajorMineImpacts String Major Mine Impacts
ImpactAnalysis MinesProblemHistory String Mine History Comments
ImpactAnalysis OrganisationInvolvedInMRE String MRE Organisations Involved
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo NumberOfHouseHoldCensus String Number of Households Census
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo NumberofHouseholdsCensusPreWar Integer Number of Households Census Pre-War
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo NumberOfHouseHoldKeyInformants Integer Number of Households Key Informants
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo NumberOfHouseHoldKeyInformantsPreWar Integer Number of Households Key Informants Pre-War
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo NumberOfPrimarySchools Integer Number Of Primary Schools
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo NumberOfSecondarySchools Integer Number of Secondary Schools
ImpactAnalysis VictimInfo NumbersInjuredPast24MonthsAgo Integer Number of Victims Injured - Old
ImpactAnalysis VictimInfo NumbersKilledPast24MonthsAgo Integer Number of Victims Killed - Old
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo PopulationCensus Integer Population Census
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo PopulationCensusPreWar Integer Population Census Pre-War
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo PopulationKeyInformants Integer Population Key Informants
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo PopulationKeyInformantsPreWar Integer Population Key Informants Pre-War
ImpactAnalysis PrimaryLanguage String Primary Interview Language
ImpactAnalysis YearSettlementEstablished String Settlement Established
ImpactAnalysis YearMinesLastPlanted String Year Mines Last Planted
ImpactAnalysis YearMinesProblemBegan String Year Mines Problem Began
ImpactAnalysis Priority String Priority Priority
ImpactAnalysis OriginOfImpactSurvey String Origin of Impact Survey Report ReportOrigin
ImpactAnalysis AccidentInArea String Accident in Area Yes No Answer
ImpactAnalysis MREPerformedInfo TypeOfMRE String Depends on field filled Yes No Answer
ImpactAnalysis VictimInfo VictimAssistanceInPast24Months String Education Victim Assistance Yes No Answer
ImpactAnalysis MREWithinPast24Months String Education Within 24 months Yes No Answer
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo ElectricitySupply String Electricity Supply Yes No Answer
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo FuelSupply String Fuel Available Yes No Answer
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo HigherEducation String Higher Education Yes No Answer
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo LocalClearanceEfforts String Local Clearance Effort Yes No Answer
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo PipedWaterSupply String Piped Water Supply Yes No Answer
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo RecentMarkingOrSurvey String Recent Marking Survey Yes No Answer
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo RecentMineClearance String Recent Mine Clearance Yes No Answer
ImpactAnalysis LocalityInfo TelephoneConnection String Telephone Connection Yes No Answer
IntendedLandUse String Intended Land Use
Interviewee IntervieweeType String Interviewee Type ExpertType
Interviewee Gender String Gender Gender
Interviewee Age String Age
Interviewee Question Comments String Comments
Interviewee FamilyName String Family Name
Interviewee Service ServiceDuration Start Date DateTime From Date Of Service
Interviewee GivenName String Given Name
Interviewee Question HowFar String How Far
Interviewee Question HowOften String How Often
Interviewee Service LengthOfService String Length Of Service
Interviewee Service LocationOfService String Location Of Service
Interviewee Service PositionRank String Position Rank
Interviewee Question GUID String Question
Interviewee Question Question String Question
Interviewee TimeInArea String Time in Area
Interviewee Service ServiceDuration End Date DateTime To Date Of Service
Interviewee Question Where String Where
Interviewee Vocation String Vocation Type VocationType
Interviewee MineVictim String Mine Victim Yes No Answer
Interviewee Service MovementMember String Movement Member Yes No Answer
Interviewer String Interviewer
isMarked String Marking Yes No Answer
Length MeasuredValue Double Length
Length UnitOfMeasure String
MarkingMethod String Marking Method Marking Method
Municipality String Municipality
NumberBoysInvolvedFromCommunityInHandover Decimal Number of Boys Involved from Community in Handover
NumberGirlsInvolvedFromCommunityInHandover Decimal Number of Girls Involved from Community in Handover
NumberMenInvolvedFromCommunityInHandover Decimal Number of Men Involved from Community in Handover
NumberofVehicles Integer Number Of Vehicles
NumberWomenInvolvedFromCommunityInHandover Decimal Number of Women Involved from Community in Handover
OperationalNotes String Operational Notes
QAInfo QAComments String QM Comments
QAInfo SOPDog String SOP Animal
QAInfo SOPCombination String SOP Combination
QAInfo SOPManual String SOP Manual
QAInfo SOPMechanical String SOP Mechanical
QAInfo SOPMetalDetector String SOP Metal detector
QAInfo Monitor String Monitor Yes No Answer
QAInfo QualityAssurance String Quality Assurance Yes No Answer
Recommendation String Recommendations RecommendationType
ReducedAreaSize UnitOfMeasure String
ReducedAreaSize MeasuredValue Double Size of Area
ReductionDepth MeasuredValue Double Depth
ReductionDepth UnitOfMeasure String
ReductionOrganisation OrganisationID GUID GUID Organisation
ReductionOrganisation OrganisationID OriginalID String Organisation ID
ReductionOrganisation OrganisationName String Organisation Name
ReliabilityInfo InformationReliability String Reliability of Information InformationReliability
ReliabilityInfo SourceReliability String Reliability of Source SourceReliability
ReliabilityInfo Confirm String Confirmed Yes No Answer
StartPeriod String Start Period
StatusChangedComment String Status Changed Comment
StatusChangedDate Date Status Changed Date
StatusChangedReason String Status Changed Reason Hazard Reduction Status Changed Reason
TaskDossier String Task Dossier
TaskInfo CostSquareMeter Float Cost Per Meter
TaskInfo HoursSpent Float Hours Spent
TaskInfo NumberOfTeams Integer Number Of Teams
TaskInfo TaskedBy String Tasked by
TaskInfo TeamID String Team ID
TaskInfo TeamLeader String Team Leader
TaskInfo TeamLocation String Team Location
TechnicalSurveyType String Technical Survey Type Technical Survey Type
TypeOfActivity String Type Of Activity Mine Action Activity
TypeOfDangerousArea String Dangerous Area Type DangerAreaType
TypeOfMinefield String Type of Minefield Type Of Minefield
UnclearAreaSize UnitOfMeasure String
UnclearAreaSize MeasuredValue Double Uncleared Area Size
VegetationRemovalAreaDescription String Vegetation Removal Area Description
VegetationRemovalAreaSize UnitOfMeasure String
VegetationRemovalAreaSize MeasuredValue Double Vegetation Removal Area Size
VegetationRemovalDate Date Vegetation Removal Date
VegetationRemovalMethod String Vegetation Removal Method VegetationRemovalMethod
VerificationNotes String Verification Notes
Visitor String Visitor