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New 6.0.png Accident cause, How Ordnance Activated, Time of accident and Was the ordnance moved before the accident are new fields in 6.0. Direction From Nearest Town was activated in 6.0.
Note.jpg The main table is called accident, the entity type is called Accident, the target is called Accidentversion and the main maXML artifact is Accident.


DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Accident Cause Multi-select AccidentCause AccidentCauses
Accident Description Text accidentdescription AccidentDescription
Accident ID String accident_localid LocalId
Accident Type Single-select accidenttypeenum_guid Accident Type Type
Area Marked Single-select areamarked_guid Yes No Answer AreaMarked
Area Officer String areaofficer AreaOfficer
Clearance In Progress? Single-select clearanceinprogress_guid Yes No Answer ClearanceInProgress
Confirmed Single-select confirm_guid Yes No Answer Confirm
Date of Accident Date dateofaccident DateOfAccident
Description of ref area Text hazardrefdescription HazardRefDescription
Direction From Nearest Town Single-select directionfromnearesttown_guid DirectionFromCity DirectionFromNearestTown
Distance from Nearest Town String distancefromnearesttown DistanceFromNearestTown
How Ordnance Activated Single-select how_ordnance_activated How Ordnance Activated HowOrdnanceActivated
Inactive Text directionfromnearesttown DirectionFromNearestTownOther
Inactive String hazardref_guid HazardRef
Inactive String macid Macid
Inactive String maactivityother MaActivityOther
Inactive String maactivityref_guid MaActivityRef
Inactive Text comments
Inquiry Report Reference Text inquiryreportreference InquiryReportReference
Municipality String municipality Municipality
Number of Persons Involved Integer numberpersoninvolved NumberPersonInvolved
Organisation Organisation org_guid Organisation
Reliability of Information Single-select inforeliability_guid InformationReliability InfoReliability
Reliability of Source Single-select sourcereliability_guid SourceReliability SourceReliability
Source String source Source
Time of Accident Single-select time_of_accident Time Of Accident TimeOfAccident
Type of Area Single-select areatype_guid AreaType AreaType
Type of Hazardous Area Single-select dangerousareatype_guid DangerAreaType DangerousAreaType
Was the Ordnance Moved Before the Accident? Single-select was_the_ordnance_moved_before_the_accident Yes No Answer WasTheOrdnanceMovedBeforeTheAccident