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New 6.0.png 20 fields have been added to Accident in 6.0.

Direction From Nearest Town was activated in 6.0.

Note.jpg The table is called accident and the maXML element level3 is called Accident.

Acc xml.png

maXML element level4 maXML element level5 maXML element level6 maXML Type DIM Label IMSMA Enum Category
AccidentCauses String Accident Cause AccidentCause
AccidentDateTime Date Date Of Accident
AccidentDescription String Accident Description
AccidentIdentification GUID String
AccidentIdentification OriginalID String Accident ID
AccidentOrganisation OrganisationName String
AccidentOrganisation OrganisationID GUID String Organisation
AccidentOrganisation OrganisationID OriginalID String
AreaMarked String Area Marked Yes No Answer
AreaOfficer String Area Officer
Association AssociationIdentification GUID String
Association AssociationIdentification OriginalID String
Association TargetInformation Name String
ClearanceInProgress String Clearance In Progress? Yes No Answer
CorrectiveActionsTaken String Corrective Action Taken Corrective Action Taken
DeminingAreaType String Demining Area Type Demining Area Type
DeminingAsset String Demining Asset Resource
DepthOfOrdnance String Depth of Ordnance Depth Of Ordnance
DeviceCausedAccident DeviceGUID String Ordnance Classification
DeviceCausedAccident DeviceClass DeviceCategory String Category
DeviceCausedAccident DeviceClass DeviceSubCategory String SubCategory
DeviceCausedAccident DeviceClass Model String Model
DistanceFromNearestTown MeasuredValue Double Distance from Nearest Town
DistanceFromNearestTown UnitOfMeasure String
EquipmentDamage String Equipment Damage
Geospatialinfo Geo GeospatialInfo
GroundComposition String Ground Composition SoilType
HazardDescription String Description of ref area
HowOrdnanceActivated String How Ordnance Activated How Ordnance Activated
InquiryReportReference String Inquiry Report Reference
MagneticFerrousContent String Magnetic/Ferrous Soil Content Level
MetalDebrisLevel String Metal Debris Level Metal Debris Level
MineUXOMarked String Was mine/UXO Marked? accidentMineMarked
Municipality String Municipality
NumberOfPersonInvolved Integer Number Of Persons Involved
PropertyDamage String Property Damage
RapidLandClassification String RAPID Land Classification MineActionAreaType
RapidOrganisationType String RAPID Organisation Type RAPID Organisation Type
ReliabilityInfo InformationReliability String Reliability of Information InformationReliability
ReliabilityInfo SourceReliability String Reliability of Source SourceReliability
ReliabilityInfo Confirm String Confirmed Yes No Answer
Slope String Slope Slope
SoilCharacterisation String Soil Characterisation Soil Characterisation
SoilCompaction String Soil Compaction TerrainCategory
Source String Source
Temperature String Temperature Temperature
TimeOfAccident String Time Of Accident Time Of Accident
TypeOfAccident String Accident Type Accident Type
TypeOfArea String Type Of Area AreaType
TypeOfDangerousArea String Type of Hazardous Area DangerAreaType
TypeOfMineActionActivity String Mine Action Activity Type Mine Action Activity
VegetationDensity String Vegetation Density Density
WasTheOrdnanceMovedBeforeTheAccident String Was the Ordnance Moved Before The Accident? Yes No Answer
WindSpeed String Wind Speed Wind Speed