Update the Localisation Files

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Warning.jpg The two original files IMessage.properties and ITerms.properties should not be edited. If you would like to change the English terms and messages then you have to create an English copy of the files. Be very careful with Search and Replace function while editing the files. The KEY names (value on the left of the = sign) should not be replaced.
Note.jpg To modify the localisation files, you should use Rosetta-J. Contact your GICHD IM advisor who will provide guidance. You may download Rosetta-J from this link.

The three files that are used for localisation need to be created for each new language. Each language has a unique language code. IMSMA is using the Window's codes. See which code should be used in the Data Inventory Manager.

  1. In the Customisation menu → Data Inventory Manager.
  2. Click on the Translate button in the Data Category pane of the Data Inventory Manager window.
  3. Find the desired language in the Language list and note the code e.g. km for Khmer.
Note.jpg If you are running IMSMANG in a client/server installation and modify the properties files, you will need to copy of IMessage and ITerms files to the C:\IMSMAng\client\resources\com\fgm\imsma\lexicon folder of each client computer.


The IMessage.properties file contains the error messages and warning messages used by IMSMANG. The file is located in the C:\IMSMAng\client\resources\com\fgm\imsma\lexicon folder.

  1. Copy the existing IMessage.properties to e.g. IMessage_km.properties or IMessage_en.properties for English.
  2. Edit the IMessage.properties copy with Rosetta-J.


The ITerms.Properties file contains terms used in menus, tooltips and field names in IMSMANG. The file is located in the C:\IMSMAng\client\resources\com\fgm\imsma\lexicon folder.

  1. Copy the existing ITerms.properties to e.g. ITerms_km.properties or ITerms_en.properties for English.
  2. Edit the ITerms.properties copy with Rosetta-J.
Warning.jpg There are two terms that should not be translated and affects how dates are written in IMSMANG, see more details here.


The third files contains Data Inventory categories, enumeration values, Custom Defined Fields' labels, etc.

  1. export the English translations
  2. rename the file (e.g. trans_km)
  3. update the first row in the file to the new language code
  4. create translations with Rosetta-J
  5. import the file into the database.