IMSMA NG Training Levels

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==User level target participantsdescription==__NOEDITSECTION__
User level 1 (U1) is staff who occasionally need to browse, search and print information from {{IMSMANG}} using reports or maps that are created by an administrator.
'''[[Media:Agenda IMSMA User.pdf | Agenda IMSMA User]]'''
==Administrator Level 1 target partipantsdescription==__NOEDITSECTION__ The course provides an opportunity for Mine Action stakeholders to enhance the capacity of Information Management (IM) personnel in national mine action programmes to administer the {{IMSMANG}} application and to provide effective Information Management services to their organisations. <u>Course objectives</u> On a managerial level, the objectives of the course are to * Acquire knowledge on IM principles and concepts* Understand the importance of identifying information requirements prior to designing Data Entry forms* Gain awareness of the need to communicate and coordinate with strategic and operational personnel within their respective organisations. On a technical level, the objectives of the course are to * Learn how to install, use and administer {{IMSMANG}}* Customize IMSMA according to the programmes’ needs and in coordination with operations and programme management.  This course is intended for participants from National Mine Action Programmes and their Operating Partners who are or will be posted to Information Management positions within their respective organisations. It is important that participants of this course have strong technical database skills and team or project management skills.
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==Administrator Level 2 target partipantsdescription==__NOEDITSECTION__
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