Setting User Preferences

A screenshot of the System Preferences window.
User Preferences Window.

The Preferences window allows you to control the user interface settings for various IMSMA systems.

  1. Click Customisation > User Preferences to open the User Preferences window.
  2. Select from the following options:
  • Show Confirm Close dialog enables or disables the warning window asking for confirmation whenever you Log Out of IMSMA.
  • Show Location Information displays or hides the Location and Country Structure information fields on the Summary Window.
  • Show Geo Search Help dialog displays or hides a prompt explaining the map lasso tool whenever you click the GeoSearch button during a Search by Map Area.
  • To confirm your changes, click the OK button. To undo your changes, click the Cancel button.
  • It is also possible for each user to decided which columns to see in the Items Pane and List Window by using the column picker.