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What is IMSMA Remote Entry?

GICHD provides an additional option for decentralised information exchange, IMSMA Remote Entry (IRE). IMSMA RE is a lightweight Data Entry Form data entry tool that allows users to enter data into IMSMANG forms quickly and easily without a full IMSMANG installation. Information managers can distribute IMSMA RE along with Data Entry Form templates and auxiliary data to offsite data entry personnel who can then perform data entry.

Data Entry Forms entered into IMSMA RE can be exported as maXML files and imported into the main IMSMANG system via the Workbench for reconciliation, linking and approval. Using this method, information managers can distribute data entry responsibilities to many sites within a Mine Action programme including national managers, operators and implementing partners.

IMSMA RE is launched inside an Internet browser but does not require Internet connection. Each Internet browser has pros and cons and the IMSMA templates looks different depending on browser.

Using IRE

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