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What steps are concretely required in order to get information out of raw data?

From within the IMSMANG application it is possible to export search results to Excel or using iReport templates with charts.

When the built in reporting functions in IMSMANG are not covering your needs then we recommend using the Staging Area. The Staging Area is a "flat" stand-alone version of the IMSMA database especially suitable for reporting/statistics/GIS. The Staging Area database is generated by using the Staging Area Generator (SAG) application. The Staging Area data is directly and easily accessible for MINT or any other reporting and analysis tool, such as Tableau and Excel.

If not all data that you would like to use is not from IMSMA e.g. in another database or in spreadsheets, MINT (and other tools) can also connect to it - contact your GICHD IM focal point.