Enter Explosive Ordnance Data in the Data Entry Form

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You will find more information about Ordnance here.

Ordnance is entered in a table format (a.k.a. table widget) in the Data Entry Form.

Data Entry Form Editor Window – Ordnance Table

Data Entry Form Editor Window – Ordnance Table

To enter Ordnance data:

  1. Click Add to open the Ordnance Selection window.
    Select an Ordnance 2.png
  2. Select one or more Ordnance that you want to add, then click OK.
    New 6.0.png If you add more than one row of the same Ordnance to the table, a separate row is created which will facilitate inventory of Ammunition storages and using CDFs in the Ordnance table.
  3. To add a quantity, enter the value in the Quantity column.

    Ordnance table - Land

  4. To delete ordnance from your data entry form, select the row and click EcksButton.png.

  5. Additional Fields.png

    Ordnance table - Activity

    Note.jpg The Ordnance table has different columns in Accident, Activity and Land.