Add a Data Entry Form

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Note.jpg To add data entry forms, you must have access to the Data Entry Form permission.

To add a data entry form:

  1. From the Data Entry menu, select Data Entry Forms.
  2. From the Data Entry Forms menu, select Add Data Entry Form.
  3. The Data Entry Form Templates window displays.
Note.jpg You can also add data entry forms by clicking the FieldTemplateIcon.png button on the Workbench window or the Data Entry Forms window.
  1. Click the row in the Data Entry Form Templates window associated with the template that you would like to use. For more information, see Data Entry Form Templates Window.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click the Select button.
    • Double-click the row associated with the template you would like to use.
    • The Data Entry Form Editor window displays the selected template.
  3. For information on using the Data Entry Form Editor window, refer to Data Entry Form Editor Window.