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Post Processing SQL Scripts

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'' Example of retrieving information from a linked table''
{{Note | It is only the Country Structure of Locations that is flattened, other Country structure references (both system and CDFs) have to be retrieved by SQL views.}}
[[Image:SAG CS flattening1.png|300px|center]]
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For more on column names in the Staging area, see [[Name Rules Staging Area]].  === How to apply the Post Processing SQL script ===__NOEDITSECTION__ After you have developed and '''tested''' the script with a SQL tool (e.g. PGadminIII or Navicat):<ol start="1"><li> Save the script as a text file with file extension .sql e.g. MySQLscript.sql in the folder ''C:\IMSMAETLTool\sqlscripts''<li> Start the [[Using Staging Area Generator | Staging Area Generator]] <br/>[[Image:PostProcess sqlfile.png|375px|center]]<li> Type in the full name of the SQL script<li> Start the database generation.<li> Your script will automatically be applied in the end of the database generation.</ol> {{Note| The Post Processing SQL scripts including SQL views needs to be re-applied '''every''' time a staging area database is updated i.e. re-created. <br/>I you would like to test a SQL script without running the Staging Area Generator (of course only works if there is an '''existing''' staging database):# Open a command window# Go to ''C:/IMSMAETLTool''# Run the following in the command window: pgsql\bin\psql -U imsma -d staging -h localhost -L sql.log -f sqlscripts\filename.sql }} [[Image:PostProc SAG error.png|600px|center]]<div align="center">'' SAG cannot find the script file ''</div># The post processing SQL file must be stored in C:\IMSMAETLTool\sqlscripts# The full name of the file must be specified e.g. Albania_stat.sql# The SAG must be started via a shortcut. You find which values to use for the shortcut '''[[Windows 8 and Windows 10#Shortcuts |here]]'''.Contact your [[Information Management Team | GICHD IM advisor]] for help in developing SQL statements according to specific requirements.
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